Tweed jacket

Tweed jacket is an integral part of the informal modern man’s wardrobe. The first image that comes to my mind at the mention of a tweed jacket, the famous Sherlock Holmes — an exceptional example of true English style.


tweed fabrics jacket

Amazing quality of this material unexpectedly transferred to the finished costume. Thick, elastic tissue, through which it is easy to achieve excellent design planted jacket connected to an external soft woolen cloth. Through this kind of combination of tweed clothing looks very comfortable, reliable, and it is incredibly convenient.

First, tweed suits have been a prototype masking hunting clothing and costumes. Pockmarked surface of the fabric made the hunter not very perceptible against the background of multi-colored riot of forest vegetation. Robust and reliable fabric, perfectly protected from the cold, liberally endowing with warmth. Finishing of natural suede on the elbows and shoulders, protecting the fabric from rapid deterioration.

Typically, this is a free casual clothing style, casual. Tweed’s favorite intellectuals, it is worn politicians, businessmen and scientists. Talking to the owner of tweed suits, you know it, will find him peace arrangement. Wearing a tweed jacket, you will feel peace, confidence and security — it is the psychological impact is a tweed on our emotional state.

A warm cozy blanket, hot tea, a fire in the fireplace, the feeling of home — that’s what gives us a tweed jacket. In addition, tweed, linen weaving was originally to be associated with hand embroidery, coarse thread and the «Gypsy needle.» Individual tailoring tweed jacket — will bring to the subject of your everyday wardrobe elusive charm and special sense of satisfaction. A fun butterfly with some unusual and striking figure in a compartment with a tweed jacket, would make you a little more romantic. Sometimes, this «little more» so we are all missing.

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