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Embroidered monogram for men’s shirts

I am doing now the order on a man’s shirt. Need to embroider a monogram. By the way, I love this kind of needlework, but it is so little in the design of men’s clothing. Although, in a suit handmade … Читать далее

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One day I got a call from Surgut with asking about the possibility of remaking of the man suit from KITON. The suit was from the last summer collection brand and unique. He was made of excellent fabric factory Loro … Читать далее

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Tweed jacket

Tweed jacket is an integral part of the informal modern man’s wardrobe. The first image that comes to my mind at the mention of a tweed jacket, the famous Sherlock Holmes — an exceptional example of true English style.

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As already established tradition, I have breakfast before work in my favorite cafe. Comes to middle-aged woman, dressed in flashy, with a backpack. For some reason, thought, «arriving.»

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