Exsclusive tailor in Moscow - bespoke tailoring suit



Our atelie offer service for Ladies and Gentlemen:
- custom tailored suit in english style
- Black Tie: evening dress (tuxedo), wedding suit for ceremonial events
- White Tie: tail coat, shirt, waistcoat and accessories
- custom tailored casual dress: jeans, shirt, topcoat
- custom tailored waistcoat and trousers
- custom tailored skirt and dress
- custom tailored: nack tie, bowtie, girdle belt
- custom tailored child dress: suit, formal dress
- custom tailored scool suit;

as well as :
- consulting about fabrics
- testing of fabrics and marking ready clothes for cleaning
- wordrobe consalting
- shop ready wear
- working and execution full wordrobe from shirt to topcoat
- gift certification
- coming for fitting in your location


Short Notes:

Exlusive man suit "bespoke"

When we say bespoke about clothes, it necessary turns to the history before appearance of this term. It exists some age and denotes a hand tailored suit by measurements of customer. This term was born in small district in center of London - Savile Row, where founds is the famous and old ateliers in the World. Bespoke tailored suit – it is the tailor Art; it is culture of traditional hand sewing. For sewing one suit needs more 80 hours of hand sewing, therefore such clothes so expensive. Right now, the time comes fast and part of hand work in bespoke became smaller, as we would like. Reality at present time such, that hote couture, a priori hand art sewing, let use machine stitches.  

Custom tailored suit "made-to-measure"

So they say, when a suit is made to the measure. We provide a high level of service performance suit or tuxedo or any other article of clothing made to order. By individually created templates, built exclusively to your standards with all the features, holding several fittings for a perfect fit on the figure, made of great quality matter – you will get excellent quality suit!