As already established tradition, I have breakfast before work in my favorite cafe. Comes to middle-aged woman, dressed in flashy, with a backpack. For some reason, thought, «arriving.»

Indeed, in a speech heard a slight accent, and every action waiters woman responded gratefully, saying endlessly, «thank you». On the proposal to take a bonus card, she suddenly began to tell what she was en route from California, from Santa Barbara. «You’re in Russia, our city is much more aware than we are» (remembering pretty sensational and very popular in our country, who came a few years ago TV- serial «Santa Barbara»).

Why it’s me. Human memory is so bad that for some reason we remember the most, creating an instinct for possible trouble in the future and these pleasant moments of communion in the life are quickly forgotten. Working in the service sector have to deal with different people, destiny. But this meeting thanks to his work, understanding, and I want to do and continue to give people beauty.