Embroidered monogram for men’s shirts

I am doing now the order on a man’s shirt. Need to embroider a monogram. By the way, I love this kind of needlework, but it is so little in the design of men’s clothing. Although, in a suit handmade — enough! Began to select fonts. In all my existing programs and graphics, too, did not find anything suitable. Some time ago, when I was asked to design tiles for the individual project apartment renovation, I took possession of Corel Draw — a vector graphics, the program editor. This program saved me this time. Did not find the font you want? No question! I painted it!


Then draw a line on the beeches pocket (in this case). And paves the path of embroidery. I will embroider silk threads Guetermann.


After a while we get ready to work embroidery monogram!monogramma-ready

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